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Ultra Thick Fibre White Reeds 17.5cm

Ultra Thick Fibre White Reeds 17.5cm

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White Diffuser Reeds

Our 'Ultra Thick Fibre Reeds' are innovatively designed and custom made for our diffusers, creating high-performance fragrance throw, and stronger scents for larger rooms. These tend not too clog like rattan reeds meaning there is no need to turn them as the oils can work their way through the reeds without clogging.


Please note: Pale reeds can be discoloured by perfume oil, especially our white reeds.

Product Specifications 

Come in a set of 5 Reeds

Product Dimensions: L 175mm W 6mm

Product Material: Polyester Silk 

Responsibly-Sourced: Produced from recyclable materials

They are innovatively designed diffuser wicks for high-performance fragrance throw.

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