Go Green!


As a new company, we already are trying to do our bit to save the planet. We have spent time looking into recycled PET plastic, cardboard packaging, and even our ribbon is paper! 

We also pride ourselves on being Vegan-friendly and source our products from companies that don't test on animals either. 


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The Reed and Car Diffuser 

The base used is Synthetic acetone and 99.5% glycerine obtained only from non-GMO plant oils. This means that it is completely Vegan-Friendly and safe in the knowledge that no animal products or animal testing have been used at any stage during its manufacture. 

The bottles are glass. Glass is made from natural and abundant raw materials (sand, soda ash and limestone


The product Material is Polyester Silk which is not biodegradable however, it is responsibly sourced and produced from recyclable materials.

Room sprays

We use Cyclopentasiloxane, a clear, unscented, silicone-based oil, mixed with high-quality essential oils for a long-lasting room scent. 

Both our base mix and oils are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. 

200ml Refill bottles

These are PET plastic. Shatterproof and lightweight and fully recyclable in your everyday waste. We will send a FREE returns form for any refills bottles sent back to us (minimum may apply, please contact us). A voucher code will be emailed to you, the amount will vary depending on how many bottles are sent back. 


Our jars are made from glass, our wax is a natural wax blend of Rapeseed & Coconut oil and nothing else. It is completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax and synthetic additives.

Our labels and Ribbon

The labels have a luxury look with a textured and natural cream finish. Both labels and ribbons are made from paper.

Gift boxes 

Are either 100% recycled, or FSC or ethically sourced board.


Made from 100% virgin paper from sustainable forestry sources. Our boxes comprise 60% to 90% recycled content. They are heavy-duty and designed to aid sustainability and the conservation of resources by minimising the chance of breakages that would result in the resending of goods and a more wasteful process.


We continue to research how we can improve, with still maintaining a high-quality brand and service!