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Snow Wax Melts - Blueberry & Vanilla

Snow Wax Melts - Blueberry & Vanilla

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Introducing KeraSnow wax melt, a brand-new formulation with infuse scent. Experience long lasting, captivating scent throw throughout your home, a revolutionary alternative to traditional candles and wax melts.

The Scent
Top Notes: Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries
Heart Notes: Blueberry, Jasmin
Base Notes: Vanilla

How to use:

Made from high-quality PET, with a lining and grip seal to ensure a tight closure. Use the tearable top for easy access. Add 1-2 teaspoons of snow wax or a sprinkle onto your burner, light your candle and embrace the most delightful scent. Each teaspoon can last 6-9 hours. The room size, shape and style of burner and surrounding environment can affect the performance. We recommend taller burner as smaller ones will heat quicker resulting in the fragrance being used quicker. Try adding more snow wax for a more dramatic aroma.

Another way to use Snow Wax: 

Our Amazing Kera-Snow Wax can also be poured into a jar then light your wick. Use smaller wicks to prevent the jar getting hot or the candle too tall. If this happens blow out your candle straight away, allow to cool and bin. 


Batch size and colour may vary due to the quality of ingredients. Every container and bag will have a minimum of 15g - 100g.


KeraSnow is a powdered blend of fully refined paraffin wax and oleochemicals and fragrances oil. 

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